Infant Education – Manifestation of Divine Powers in Infants Intellect

Swami Vivekanand’s supernatural eidetic memory or photographic memory is well known to the modern world. He just by reading a book once, used to get the essence of what it contains. He used to read pages instead of sentences and was able to recite the complete text thus read by him without mistaking a single word as he has got the immense power of eidetic  imaginary or photo memory. He also had an immense power of auditory memory which helped him to remember the conversation of any unknown language. He was once appeared as a witness in the court of law, as an eye witness to a conversation listened to south indian language between the complainant and the accused. After several months though he did not know the language he was able remember due to his auditory memory and said the exact conversation like a tape recorder which saved an innocent man from the bars.

1) Channelize your babies inner potentials

Infants have unlimited repository of subconscious energy . An ordinary man spends his average life of about fifty years in eating over 33 tonnes and sleeping for almost half his life span. If parents realizes this fact and endeavors to arouse and properly channelize the potentials in every second of their child’s life, he/she can attain supernormal talents or divine powers and become immortal in history.  

Parents should ensure to provide early education to channelize the inner potentials . Great care will have to be taken that unformed virtues are not rejected as faults. The wildness and recklessness of many young natures are only the overflowing of an excessive physical energy or strength or greatness which can be tapped to mental energy by awakening the brain cells through Infant education and Yoga. 

2) Manifestation of Divine Powers in Infants

Some people think that extraordinary talents are God-gifted destined qualities brought since the time of birth or such potentials are the results of boons and blessings of divine souls. This is not true. Every baby is a born genius but we spend the first six years of their lives degeniusing them. Moulding the right way at the early age through infant education will solve many future problems of memory deficiencies. 

What is stimulating to your baby is not necessarily what you might think of as stimulating.Remember that what your baby’s brain is doing is forming connections based on experience, so in fact events which are repeated over and over are considered to be a stimulation for your baby. Your input as a parent is vital and a stimulating environment will help your babies brain to grow. The following are the two kinds of stimulation you can provide to you baby.

 a) Visual Stimulation

 b) Auditory Stimulation

The visual stimulation ,auditory stimulation, will also improve the somatosensory system by recognition and interpretation or perception of sensory stimuli based chiefly on the brain cells connectivity  to change and re-organize to form new connections and it is called as neuroplasticity. Which means that the synapses unions between the neurons get solidified the more often the respective neurons “talk” or “communicate” with each other. 

Some suggestions of natural brain stimulation are as follows.

a) The natural auditory stimulation can be done through singing to your child  when you change your baby’s nappy  or when you feed.

b) Take your baby to the park  and show your baby the leaves,ducks ,pond,flowers,birds etc.,

c) Pedal the legs when you are dressing her or changing her cloths.

 To make the cells communicate with each other we need to stimulate the brain cells by providing new information in the form of visual and auditory mode as infants always grasp anything novelty.