What You Must Know About Montessori Education

The Montessori learning system was started by Dr. Maria Montessori. She used her instructive system along with the scientific study of kid’s education procedure. Dr. Montessori created a “set atmosphere” where young students could freely select from several learning activities. This kind of learning environment is also offered by Whittier schools. The main features that make this system exclusive include:

Difference between Montessori and conventional method

Montessori teaching system allows kids to learn from all his senses where a traditional teaching method is meant for learning through watching, writing and reading. Kids studying in these classes discover and learn new things by getting involved in their favorite activities. Whittier Toddler schools offering Montessori teaching programs know that education can be a thrilling procedure for children, they learn innovation, leading to awareness, self-control and inspiration. Kids of different age groups like 3 to 6 years, 6 to 9, 9 to 12 years are placed here, in groups, older kids help younger students by sharing their knowledge.

Learning Styles

Whittier Toddler schools for kids take care of everything from intelligences and modes of education like interpersonal, musical, spatial, and traditional linguistic, intuitive and logic development via writing, reading and math. Kids are motivated to take active participation in group play and reading, writing and game session.

Basic Lessons

The Montessori system emphasizes on teaching basic lessons to kids. The educators get extensive training for kids learning system and required resources in all parts. Teachers in Whittier schools are quite trained to distinguish a child’s inclination according to their age, capability and curiosity in a particular subject.

Size of Classroom

The teacher ratio in Whittier school is like one well trained and experienced teacher in 30 to 36 students. This instructor does not read out or give homework to kids, but she allows them to pursue their own preferred subject. The young students continue with these groups for 3 to 4 years and learn by participating in group activities and the surroundings.


Assessment of the young student is done by the set and teacher’s inspection and record maintenance. This system does not allot grades or give rewards or any type of penalty. Kid’s performance and activities are measured as the impact aspect of the effectiveness of the Montessori system. Their joy, compassion, development, their enthusiasm for learning more and standard of work ensure achievement of this educational method.